Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and onto march

so i feel like a jerk. i started posting sporatically and then i stopped for a bit. if i want to get anywhere i have to keep posting. so i will be posting.

First off i found this photo and i am going to post it as a motivator.

it was originally done by cpl_saint, so good on you.

Second, i completed the four plastic drop pods. they are primered black and ready for painting. i am currently working on the second Tac squad. Stretching the models is hard work.

completed so far is 1 tac squad and 1 assault squad.

i spent the weekend in ottawa, where i went to Fandom II games. A pretty good little store with plenty of models and a really large reference material library for sale. I picked up a number of cool things too.

-a box of shermans for flames of war
-a british airborne mortar platoon
-A bridge too far, rule book
-a box of Warlord Roman Legionaires
-some reaper masterclass paints
-and a bag of Cthulhu from fantasy flight games

so i'll be busy, until next time


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