Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was unable to post of Saturday due to a conflict with work. To keep you interested and to let you know some of the other things that i am working on.  While still searching for more material for wargaming, I came across a photo of the book cover "Unremembered Empire".  Specifically this photo is interesting as we usually don't find clear photos of  Primarchs or of City Scapes, and this one has both.

I find the ideas of architecture in the far future quite enthralling.  Below you will find a number of photos of buildings I constructed using pink foam and the Imperial Sector buildings as a base.

 This one is a warehouse with a scratch built thunderbolt crashing through the wall.  Painting will begin this weekend, and i will be sure to post more photos as I go.

 Below is the apartment block, or Hab-Block if you will.  The design comes from a concept sketch that was drawn for the game Dawn of War II.

And finally, the work office of the Administratum.  More photos to follow this weekend.

Happy Wargaming.


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