Sunday, February 7, 2016

Completed projects

Hey hobbyists,

Here are just a couple of of completed and ongoing projects.

I think I totally underestimated how awesome the Cameo Silhouette is.  I used the program and cutter for a project to help the girlfriend with her business. Will show photos of that one later.

Recently used it to cut out a stencil for the ammo crate army carriers.

Next are some new elements for the army that are being primed.  

I learned some airbrush tips while surfing Bell of Lost Souls and can't wait to put them into use.

And finally the guys over at Iron Sleet have been inspiring me with their Inq28 gold.  They even did me the honor of using one of my suggestions for naming a character.

Love 40kifying reaper models.

cheer gents,


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