Saturday, December 26, 2009

After the Christmas Rush

Just had christmas with the family, and i'm feeling tired. given that i'm used to working 80 hrs a week, when its busy, this seems kind of awkward. Good news is i'm getting annoyed and that means i'm going to be modeling.

I am currently working on Forgeworld's Thunderbolt. I have yet to pick out a colour. I'm thinking end of World War II Me 109. We'll see how it works out. Given that i stopped being a cheap bastard and actually bought the model last year, i am pretty stoked to get to this point. I had puchased the model back in Nov '08, with the hopes of completing it over the christmas break. The model didn't arrive until i was already back to work. So i waited another 6 months, until i got a chance to come home again. This time my semi-half brother (Disclaimer: not related to me in any way) had borrowed my model masterclass book. i was not impressed. so finally, after much waiting i arrived home to complete the model. Some of the parts had gone missing, good thing it was only in one place, and they were easy to recover.

so for your pleasure, in a couple of days i will be posting photos of the new model. until then, here are some photos of a marauder destroyer i scratch built out of cheerios boxes.

This is the nose work i hand painted. i called the destoyer "Between the Sheets" because i am a fan of the drink and the implications.

The next photo is a top down view of the entire aircraft. the whole process took a really long time because i wasn't sure how i was going to do it, i had never seen one in real life, and i didn't know how big it was. So i found out how big one of the decals was and then worked back from there. once i had the appropriate measurements on a sheet of paper, i began working on a virtual model. then used that model to make templates to cut out. then i started cutting out paper, and then putting the whole damn thing together.

This is the final product. hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it.

I'll write again in a couple of day, i promise.


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