Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Year and Another Post

So i haven't posted as much or as regularly as i would have liked. Guess my New Years resolution is gone again. So Sue me. New resolve to post every two days. lets see if i can keep it up.

Anyways, work has been busy, although i haven't been doing anything. its funny, either there isn't anything to do, or i get put on a job which gets cancelled before i can begin, or i am over qualified so i don't get to work because it will be demeaning to someone of my position. Really i'd just like to be doing something.

so i'm resolved to work on models. I can't promise photos every time, but i hope to give input on a regular basis.

i am starting work on a heresy era Ultramarine army. I know, I know, everyone hates the smurfs. but hear me out. The first 40k codex i ever bought was the Ultramarines codex for 2nd edition.

I loved this book to pieces, literally, it has fallen apart. So i am planning on building this army using parts i still have from 2nd edition, some parts i've bought from other companies, including Maxmini.

I remember this photo from the codex, and it is the kind of feeling that i want for this army. I've also recently watched HBO's Rome seasons one and two, and want my army to follow in the same vein, no so clean, but still beautiful.

The army is also going to be a Drop Pod army, ready to wage war from the skies. i'll post the list as soon as i have figured it all out.


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