Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long Awaited

Not sure if i can call it long awaited but alas here it is, a new post. Sorry, I haven't kept my word again. Damn, I'm not very good at this whole keeping up with things thing. At least I have been working on models.

Apparently, as those who know me already know, I am slightly off my rocker though. Although I started work on this project last week, I have only completed construction on one drop pod, a full 10 man tactical squad and have begun construction on an assault squad. This would have been quicker if I hadn't decided that the entire army should be true scale. If you don't know what i am talking about, i wouldn't be surprised. This is where the insanity begins.

When Games Workshop started producing models, they were made at 28mm scale. Meaning that from the ground to eye level is roughly 28mm. As the years pass, the models got larger and larger, meaning that Games Workshop models were 'Hero' Scale, i.e Larger than Life. The 28mm is meant for an average person, roughly 6ft. Space Marines, as per their fluff, are roughly 8 - 10ft tall. So the models for marines should be larger than 28mm. I have taken to converting each and every model to about 33mm. This was achieved using plasticard to lengthen the legs and the torso. The head and shoulders are roughly the right size already, So the torso was expanded using a disc, to lengthen to torso, and the legs were segmented and two 2mm discs were put in the legs.

This model is the Sgt. for the Tactical Squad. It is definitely a kit bash. The pistol hand is from the chaos space marines box, the sword arm and legs are from the assault squad box, the back pack is from 2nd edition marine models, the helmet is a third party modeler named maxmini and the shoulder pads are games workshop.

this is part of the tactical squad and includes one of my favorite models so far. the legs are from the free terminator in a white dwarf.

he is carrying the 2nd edition bolter with a new scope. i love the way he is about to post the grenade.

And here is my favorite so far. The assault squad Sgt.

hope you enjoy this post. and I'll post as soon as i can.


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