Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello internets,

4 months late, but i actually have pictures.

So here is the first of 4 drop pods i painted in the Hiatus. I have decided to go with the light blue colour scheme, with a black trim. Reminicent of Ultramarine 5th Company. As i have stated before, I am making a post heresy Marine army. I still need to weather this one with black. i will be using the airbrush to add smoke burn marks on the bottom and the top around the engine.

the next photo is the group of 4 drop pods. The idea is to have 7 drop pods in total, 4 standard pods and 3 Dreadnought-pods. There will also be a squad of Assault marines that will drop along side the army.

I'll post some more photo's in the next couple of days to me Flames of War army. I'm interested in making a table with a heavy city content. I have found some N gage models that should fit the bill.



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