Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flames Of War post

So First off, i am in the process of building a FOW table, and i wanted a heavy city feel to it. The armies I am in the process of building are British Airborne and 4th Canadian Armoured, both of which were involved in the liberation of Holland. So i have been gathering pictures of small towns and cities, to get a feel for 1940's Europe.

I was in a model store here in Edmonton, and found these N gage models and think they are about the right size for Flames of war terrain. On the right you will find a Brewery building that i built over the weekend. Never really understood why they bother to using different colours for parts as most people paint the models after they build them. on the left you will see a store front building, made of poly-resin, i really like the model, as it adds height to a game i haven't really seen much in the way of built up areas. I'm thinking of painting it with a black primer, a dark red brick finish and white trim on the wood. It is of pretty basic construction, and was only about 15 dollars, so i built two. why buy one when you can buy two, right?

And the last thing, i have primered a bunch of tanks to be base coated and weathered this weekend.

talk to you all again soon.



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