Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More builds before the move

The time gets closer to the move and although I am looking forward to the move i am not looking forward to the month without hobbying.  The new house has a great basement with plenty of space for hobby stuff and a half decent gaming table.  A buddy of mine built one from scratch not too long ago and I might ask for his plans.  In the interim, I will have to get away with what I can and hopefully wont buy too many models in the time between.  Until then, here is the offering of the week.

Enter "Assassin" a forgeworld thunderbolt that I purchased 3 years ago.

 Some battle damage from a close call.

 The overall paint scheme was inspired by a P-51 and the ME-109.  Both great brawlers.

I'm planning on doing some nose are at some point but the rest has to be painted first.

 The base has been completed for a long time, but this is the project it was intended.

There will be a requirement for some more snow work before this project will be done.  Additionally I am thinking of adding some icicles.

Until next time, Happy Hobbying.

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