Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hey Folks,

Haven't updated in a little while but this was because I was in the process of moving.  I am now living in the Maritimes and I have been modelling my first house.  Great part out of it is the basement space.  There is enough room for a 4 X 8 table, maybe I'll keep an eye on geek chic, or maybe I'll build my own.

This is the new hobby space.  I spent a couple of hours last night, or rather earlier this evening organizing all the bits that I have been collecting over the years, and there is a lot of it.  One of the things that have waited to put together for a while a Contemptor Talon.  

Given that my Ultramarines are just post heresy and are on a vengeance streak, I figured ripping up a Word Bearer would be in the mix.  Also picked up my copy of "Mark of Calth" which should inform the killing process.

The second Contemptor I wanted to do another type of pose.  The molds came with the resin gauges still attached, and my first thought was that they looked like cement dividers.

So this is number Two.

I'll keep you posted with any updates.

Happy Hobbying.


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