Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IP theft or am i just a jerk?

So i'm not trying to be a dick, okay yeah i am, but i'm justified.

I designed the template for this Marauder bomber back in the summer of '08. It was posted to a yahoo site, where gamers share scratchbuilt templates. I made a couple of them, but i was just giving back to the community. And today i was looking at another forum that has lots scratch built models. Work in Progress is a great site for all this kind of stuff.

What i'm ticked about is the fact that this guy is building my plane, and didn't give me cred for it.

My name is on it. so all i'm looking for is a bit of credit. is that too much to ask?

Then again, i did my own form of IP theft, so i can't be too picky. lol

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